Blog Post #12 – Flash Stories

  I have started writing flash nonfiction. It was going to be my chosen form for honours and even though I’ve taken a leave of absence I’m still enraptured by it. I like… Continue reading

I wish I was more like: John R. Isidore

I had better confess as early as I can that I have not seen Bladerunner(1982). I am a bit of a Dick lover (Philip K. Dick that is) and from what I have read, Bladerunner is loosely… Continue reading

The Late Shift

I think it’s eleven thirty when I walk through our door. The long crack down the middle keeps it cold inside. We’ve talked about taping over it. I know you’re still awake because… Continue reading

Blog Post #11 – Keeping Brave

Ever since I heard about this awesome new zine: Keep Brave I’ve been thinking about it. What does it mean to feel brave? How can bravery lead to feeling/ being empowered? How can… Continue reading

Blog Post #10 – Dreams for 2016

I usually don’t like the concept of resolutions. A new year is just another bunch of days. Just because the earth made it around the sun one more time doesn’t mean you’re all… Continue reading

Blog Post #9 – Wait-A-While

I submitted this some months ago to a short, short story competition and it didn’t make the shortlist. I do know why, but I’m attached to it anyway. Enough to whisper into the… Continue reading

15 Books That Got Millennials Into Reading

  Last month it was revealed that Millennials are out-reading older generations. Take that adults! Ya’ll thought we were just a bunch of self-obsessed robots with freakishly active thumbs who are constantly wandering… Continue reading

I wish I was more like: George

I first fell madly in love with Colin Firth when he played Mr. Darcy in BBC’s Pride and Prejudice (1995) – I was seven at the time. Pride and Prejudice was our ‘rainy-day movie’. Mum… Continue reading

Blog Post #8 – Bush Love.

I have fallen deeply in love with Tasmania. It all began with a visit at the end of last year. It was Spring and I was blessed with a few warm days and… Continue reading

Megan James from Purity Ring: “Power to girls in music”

  If somebody asks you to interview Megan from Purity Ring you say yes, even if it’s at 8am on a Monday morning when you’re completely delirious and she – being in Bristol,… Continue reading