Baby Blue – Single Copy


Camp Doogs – Press Copy

[Written for Higher Plains, July 2015]

Preston, Victoria

I just spent the morning reading an article on the evils of Neoliberalism in between chatting to people about property prices and rising rent. An elderly Greek man said to me “the rich,… Continue reading

ABABCd – Press Copy

[Written  for Higher Plains, December 2015]

Voltaire Twins – Album Copy

Down At The Docks

Down at the docks. The anti-nature. The opposite of anything natural, organic or instinctual. Except maybe the instinct to hoard: all our hopes and dreams stacked up tight, four stories high. High gloss… Continue reading

The Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce

    In 2014 I had the privilege to work as a volunteer publishing assistant for The Field Institute. Under the direction of editors Jacqui Hagen and Allison Fogarty  I helped produce the book length publication The Field… Continue reading

The Critical Mind

  I think I remember being told to grow up. To pay attention. To learn. To peel back the curtain and ponder the other side. Now I can see class divisions in a… Continue reading

TLH – Album Copy

Blog Post #12 – Flash Stories

  I have started writing flash nonfiction. It was going to be my chosen form for honours and even though I’ve taken a leave of absence I’m still enraptured by it. I like… Continue reading