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  A right turn off the Pacific Highway just south of Byron leads through farmland into the bush. The way dips and winds; white crosses nailed to camphalorals mark the sharpest corners. These… Continue reading

Preston, Victoria

I just spent the morning reading an article on the evils of Neoliberalism in between chatting to people about property prices and rising rent. An elderly Greek man said to me “the rich,… Continue reading

Down At The Docks

Down at the docks. The anti-nature. The opposite of anything natural, organic or instinctual. Except maybe the instinct to hoard: all our hopes and dreams stacked up tight, four stories high. High gloss… Continue reading

The Critical Mind

  I think I remember being told to grow up. To pay attention. To learn. To peel back the curtain and ponder the other side. Now I can see class divisions in a… Continue reading

The Late Shift

I think it’s eleven thirty when I walk through our door. The long crack down the middle keeps it cold inside. We’ve talked about taping over it. I know you’re still awake because… Continue reading