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ABABCd – Press Copy

[Written  for Higher Plains, December 2015] Advertisements

Voltaire Twins – Album Copy

The Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce

    In 2014 I had the privilege to work as a volunteer publishing assistant for The Field Institute. Under the direction of editors Jacqui Hagen and Allison Fogarty  I helped produce the book length publication The Field… Continue reading

TLH – Album Copy

15 Books That Got Millennials Into Reading

  Last month it was revealed that Millennials are out-reading older generations. Take that adults! Ya’ll thought we were just a bunch of self-obsessed robots with freakishly active thumbs who are constantly wandering… Continue reading

Megan James from Purity Ring: “Power to girls in music”

  If somebody asks you to interview Megan from Purity Ring you say yes, even if it’s at 8am on a Monday morning when you’re completely delirious and she – being in Bristol,… Continue reading

What happens when a biracial woman undergoes the ‘make me beautiful’ project?

  Some time ago Esther Honig sent out an unaltered image of herself to 40 individuals from 25 countries around the world. Each individual was to photoshop her image using one direction: make… Continue reading

HBO lawyers up in preparation for Scientology documentary

I watched the ‘Going Clear’ documentary last night and it reminded me of this article I wrote for TheVine. It was a weird one because I was actually writing a lot about religion… Continue reading

Interview: Ryan Kwanten

It took me a long time to publish this interview because I didn’t know how to approach it. I always get nervous before interviews but at least in the past I’ve had a… Continue reading

The Problem With Censorship in Social Media

  When it comes to social media, and the Internet in general, censorship is a sensitive topic. You probably didn’t read the small print when you signed up to Facebook or Twitter but… Continue reading