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Blog Post #12 – Flash Stories

  I have started writing flash nonfiction. It was going to be my chosen form for honours and even though I’ve taken a leave of absence I’m still enraptured by it. I like… Continue reading

Blog Post #11 – Keeping Brave

Ever since I heard about this awesome new zine: Keep Brave I’ve been thinking about it. What does it mean to feel brave? How can bravery lead to feeling/ being empowered? How can… Continue reading

Blog Post #10 – Dreams for 2016

I usually don’t like the concept of resolutions. A new year is just another bunch of days. Just because the earth made it around the sun one more time doesn’t mean you’re all… Continue reading

Blog Post #9 – Wait-A-While

I submitted this some months ago to a short, short story competition and it didn’t make the shortlist. I do know why, but I’m attached to it anyway. Enough to whisper into the… Continue reading

Blog Post #8 – Bush Love.

I have fallen deeply in love with Tasmania. It all began with a visit at the end of last year. It was Spring and I was blessed with a few warm days and… Continue reading

Blog Post #7 – Dear Diary

This week has been particularly challenging for most of the people in my life – being young and creative is the kind of blessing that often makes you want to jump from the nearest bridge. Joan… Continue reading

Blog Post #6 – Too Big To Fit In Here

Determined to make 2015 my year of writerly success I’ve been trying harder to write everyday. I’ve always resisted such a commitment, because it’s difficult to work for ten hours and come home with any… Continue reading

Blog Post #5 – 2015

Good Morning! Confession: I am a terrible blogger. I find it incredibly difficult to write much on here because if I have a super good idea I want to save it for publication… Continue reading

Blog Post #4 – What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Oh my LORD! So many things. I finished uni’ on Monday which involved writing 15 000+ words for assessment. The most words I think I have ever written in one three month period.… Continue reading

Blog Post #3 – Bob Brown at Melbourne Writers Festival

Last night I went to the Melbourne Writers Festival event Bob Brown: Fighting For The Future. I went on a whim because I could and because MWF is my second favourite festival of… Continue reading