Blog Post #11 – Keeping Brave


Ever since I heard about this awesome new zine: Keep Brave I’ve been thinking about it. What does it mean to feel brave? How can bravery lead to feeling/ being empowered? How can I remind myself to be brave and to push through stressful situations or moments of doubt? [frequent]

This morning I was reminded about the existence of a list [my fav’ form of writing] from Joan Didion’s The White Album. It’s a simple collation of the things she takes with her when chasing a story but has become an interesting artifact for professional women to reflect on.

I think of it like a list of things she’ll need to keep brave on the road and it made me think about the things I own that help me to feel powerful, confident and just generally good. My [non exhaustive, non definitive] list is thus:

  • Doc Martins [stomp stomp get out of my way]
  • Hair ties [for hair emergencies]
  • High wasted, hot pink, swimmer bottoms
  • My trusty water bottle.
  • Hot pink lipstick
  • Hot pink nail polish
  • Yevu dress [poss’ best thing I own]
  • Pom pom earrings
  • Nag Champa Nimbin candle
  • Framed photo of Uluru
  • Hiking boots [stomp, stomp get out of my way]
  • Alphabet socks [Limedrop]
  • Stubbies [shorts]
  • Guitar
  • Sewing scissors [family heirloom]
  • Bike

I probably wouldn’t take them all with me on assignment but it’s reassuring to know they’re there to make me feel nice whenever I need a boost in confidence.

Buy the Keep Brave Zine here.

[Credit to Yun Bond for the amazing image]