Blog Post #4 – What I’ve Been Up To Lately

2014-10-22 17.04.05

Oh my LORD! So many things. I finished uni’ on Monday which involved writing 15 000+ words for assessment. The most words I think I have ever written in one three month period. It was bloody hard and finishing was the biggest anti climax but it is done and I can go back to reading novels and working now.

In more relevant news I’ve been interning at The Vine and learning a lot about the Internet. Not just what you can find in there if you look hard enough, but the things people are interested in reading and the way news cycles work in this crazy online landscape we’ve created.

More on all of that later but for now here are some things I have written.

15 Books That Got Millennials Into Reading

Matt McConaughey makes awesome yet gross Dazed & Confused reference

Watch: Video shows shooting sex isn’t so hot behind the scenes

John Oliver’s Miss America rant triggers surge in donations for women’s scholarships

What happens when a biracial woman undergoes the ‘make me beautiful’ project?

Opening Ceremony’s NYFW runway was actually a play by Spike Jonze & Jonah Hill

– Alix