Blog Post #3 – Bob Brown at Melbourne Writers Festival


Last night I went to the Melbourne Writers Festival event Bob Brown: Fighting For The Future. I went on a whim because I could and because MWF is my second favourite festival of the year (my first is MIFF – srsly good job Melbourne, you do stuff good).

Anyway I don’t know about you but I suffer a little from the ol’ “everything seems to be really fucked and what am I/ we mere mortals supposed to do about it?” I didn’t go in expecting Bob to make me feel better but he really did. So much so that during the standing ovation at the end I almost burst into tears. Aside: could have been due to an impending period but obviously stirring nonetheless.

Here’s some of the truth nuggets I managed to scribble down – they may not be entirely accurate but you get the idea.

  • “The stupid are always cock sure and the intelligent are too insecure. The only thing I can tell you is to get over it.”
  • “All profits are made at our expense.”
  • On Rupert Murdoch – “He wants to tell us how to run a country that he abandoned.”
  • On the media’s stranglehold on Aus’ politics – “It isn’t mature commentary and the editor of The Australian ought to grow up. (…) Bring back the news and stop thinking you can make and break governments.”
  • On fear – “You don’t want to get to the end of your days and think ‘what have I done?'”
  • On holding back renewable energy – “A failure of imagination about a finite planet.”
  • And my personal favourite – “I like to think of the current government as a glitch.”