Sugar Mountain Join Forces with Mushroom Group



With January looming and no lineup announcement to speak of, lovers of Melbourne festival Sugar Mountain were getting a little worried. But it seems the team behind the event, Tig Huggins, Pete Keen, Brett Louis and Nicci Reid (AKA the Two and Fro Family), weren’t just slacking off. They were working on a deal with Australia’s biggest independent music and entertainment company Mushroom Group. Mushroom’s involvement will be spearheaded by Frontier Touring promoter Gerard Schlaghecke, along with Executive Director Matt Gudinski and both parties are pretty pleased.

The collaboration is further evidence of Gudinski’s intention to (as he puts it) “diversify Mushroom Group’s reach in the live music world” – this is following the ‘strategic alliance’ with Future they announced earlier in the year. But never fear SM fans, the original team will remain the driving force behind the boutique festival. Gudinski assures us Mushroom “will bring a lot to the table while leaving Sugar Mountain’s unique artistic vision with those who have driven it since day one.”

The Two and Fro Family say they have “great respect” for Mushroom Group and they “couldn’t be happier to continue to build the festival’s reputation with their help”. Rumour has it they’re hoping to move the festival into Asia but for now they’re promising an unparalleled, visceral festival experience in 2014. This announcement comes along with a decision to move the festival out of the Forum with no clues yet as to where. The new venue along with lineup and dates will be revealed early in the new year.

Published by Everguide on 10 December 2013. Image from Everguide.

Words: Alix Palmer