The Museum of Modern Love. A Collage. In Review.

There are many stories here. 1. I have seen young women gifted beyond measure – Sofonisba Anguissola at just twenty years of age, Catharina van Hemessen too, Clara Peeters at just thirteen. All… Continue reading

What organic means, and if it’s actually better for you

The word ‘organic’ entered the culinary vocabulary in the late 1980s. Since its humble beginnings as a niche way to farm, it’s exploded into a global revolution. Now everyone from Hollywood to Bollywood is boasting… Continue reading

Meet the Godfather of Australian Brewing: Chuck Hahn

    Chuck Hahn has been an iconic member of the brewing industry since the 1980s when he first discovered the science of hops, yeast and grains. In many ways, Chuck’s the man… Continue reading

What’s the deal with single malt whiskey?

More booze related wisdom from my beautiful brain. This time for Liquorland. [Written for CHE Proximity, published 9 May 2016]

Real Flash Food

This time I succeeded in making my delivery order into two meals instead of just stuffing $25 (min. order) worth of butter chicken and garlic naan down my gullet to the tune of… Continue reading

Cool Change

A melancholic afternoon waiting for the cool change while the sweat collects in the folds beneath my breasts and trickles down my stomach. I am uncomfortable sitting in the stress that has become… Continue reading

Why now is the perfect time to study cybersecurity

Cybersecurity experts are in hot demand. The rise of high-profile hacking scandals, the Internet of Things and governments engaging in cyberwarfare are just some of the reasons why the world, now more than… Continue reading

How to win the cyberwar

  I had the privilege to work with La Trobe’s digital content team in producing a series of articles on their new suite of Cybersecurity degrees. The first was an interview with David… Continue reading

These boutique spirits will make your Christmas drinks top shelf

Check out the Vintage Cellars’ aptly named The Grape Vine for my tips on what to drink this Christmas. [Written for CHE Proximity, published 14 December 2016]


  A right turn off the Pacific Highway just south of Byron leads through farmland into the bush. The way dips and winds; white crosses nailed to camphalorals mark the sharpest corners. These… Continue reading